« Your painting seems to be the fresh work of a young man. It’s so typical of real artists. I congratulate you and embrace you as a member of the great family of Art and Joy. »

« Scholla remained faithful to himself, to this sober form, but how enriched is his palette and how beautiful became his technique of painting. Scholla is a true colorist. »
Micheline Sandrel - FR3

« The overview I got from your work impressed me a lot. Your works are very sensitive. Your work that I possess continues to please me and I repeat to you all my esteem and my friendship. »
Charles Hernu - Former Minister

« The deep blue shades where the immensity of the sky and the sea drown, the houses with warm and shimmering colors, the simplicity of the decorations, the complexity of the nuances, all here reflect the painter’s sensitivity and his great mastery of the technique. »
Fine Arts Revue

« All Scholla is in these words: the Mediterranean character, the rare talent of colorist, the apparent simplicity of the means, as the flat color signing his style. An art of purity and synthesis that, like the gouaches of Matisse, invites to travel. »
Valérie Collet - Current Values ​​Revue

« Beyond the symbol and the emotion it arouses, your work is magnificent and shows a great talent. »
Jacques Chirac - President of the Republic